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An unclear value proposition 

An unrealistic or not clearly defined business model

Owning a business in today's market is demanding, especially for entrepreneurs "winging it".  Implementing a few new strategies can help build the business you envisioned in the first place. 

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Lack of experience making management decisions

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You don't listen to your customers

Financial mismanagement

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About the author

Harlan S. Kahn CPA.

Harlan S. Kahn CPA has 35 years of accounting experience and has operated his own accounting practice since 1989. His firm is skilled in setting up computerized accounting systems and QuickBooks for most all business categories. “We are experts at computerizing companies.”  Before starting his own practice, Mr. Kahn was the Controller of several corporations. The largest of which had annual sales of $170 million.

My firm has been serving the New York City & Long Island area for over twenty years. Our staff has extensive experience with small to medium size businesses extending over a wide range of industries. We work with companies like yours, as a part of your team, helping you set and keep the course to long term growth and stability.

"Professional accounting services done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Harlan and ParisAC for your small business needs."
- Mike H., NYC

"Harlan’s passion for numbers and his desire to learn more each day makes accounting more fun and easier to understand.  We are a stronger company due to his involvement and advice.”
- Adam R., Syosset NY